Aesthetic medicine

spa kamienWe recommend a selection of clinics which offer high standard services and enjoy renown, recognition and positive opinion among patients.

We cooperate with outstanding specialists in the field of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and institutes of wellness in Poland.

The highly qualified team of surgeons, medical Staff, cosmetologists, physiotherapists and massage therapists take care of health and beauty of our clients.

Consultation with specialists of cosmetology, spa and wellness gives the opportunity to our guests to feel unique.

We offer consultation by phone and via email as well. You can send us your photos to the chosen clinic. On this base the plastic surgeon will prepare your treatment plan which will be presented to you with estimate quote.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery 

Surgery is performed to correct and remove real or perceptible defects – of face, body and breast. Treatments of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery enhance health, also boost beauty, delay the ageing proces and improve overall appearance.

Main plastic surgery treatments:     
 Nose and ear correction
Face and neck lift
Eyelid, chin and cheek surgeryestetic 1
 Breast surgery
 Scar revision surgery
Varicose veins surgery

Main cosmetic surgery treatments:
Wrinkle reduction
Stemcell biostimulation
 Lip augmentation

 SPA & Wellness

Exceptional places with a unique atmosphere providing relaxing treatments, well-being, effective dieting and rejuvenation offer the best care for your body and soul.

Cosmetic treatments, cosmetic surgery:
 Face skin care (masks)
Microdermabrasionestetic 2
Mesotherapy without needles
Permanent makeup

Spa treatments:
Spa treatments for face and body
 Spa capsule
• Spa treatment for bust and neck
Manicure and pedicure


Non-invasive treatments and ophthalmic surgery:

 Laser eyesight correctioneye
• Cataract surgery
• Keratoplasty
 Glaucoma surgery
 Posterior segment of eyeball surgery
 Intravitreal injections in retina and choroid diseases
 Other types of plastic surgeries
 Corneal transplant surgery