Dental care

smileWe offer a comprehensive dental care services performed by qualified specialists, based on the highest standards, safe and advanced medical procedures in the field of implantology, dental surgery, endodontics, dental prosthesis, pedodontics, preventive and cosmetic dentistry.


Currently, the most modern branch of dentistry dealing with the replacement of missing teeth.

A dental implant is a metal device surgically placed into the jawbone and designed to act as the tooth root.

The connector is fixed to the upper part of the implant to anchor crown, bridge or denture. Made of titanium, a biocompatible metal, very well tolerated by the human body and which does not cause allergic reactions, but there are also ceramic implants such as zirconium implants. After the implant is placed into bone, the process of osseointegration occur, ie the direct attachment of the living bone to the titanium implant surface, as a result, the integration of the implant with the bone, creating a stable foundation for future prosthetic reconstruction as crowns, bridges or removable dentures.

The implant integration into bone  is a continuous process and consists in resorption and absorption of the bone tissue. Biomechanical forces generated by the function of the prosthesis occur for maintaining the balance between these processes.

For many years research has been underway to improve the surface of titanium implant. Currently, the surface is rough, specially etched to stimulate bone growth and accelerate the healing process, allowing to reduce significantly treatment time.

Dental surgery

 Surgery treatment of oral cavity. Some surgical procedures prepare and improve the results in prosthesis and orthodontics.

Main dental surgery treatments:
 Extractions (including not fully erupted teeth)
Extraction of wisdom teeth
Clearance and alignment in the arch of impacted teeth
Dental abcess treatment
Apical resection, hemisection
Treatment of oral fibroma, epulis, papilloma and other infections of oral mucosa
Pre-prosthetic surgical preparation
Incision of the lingual frenulum
 Treatment of maxillary sinus infection
• Implant-supported prosthesis
 Bone grafting and sinus lift

Oral surgery procedures are performed completely painless under local anaesthesia.


Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp. Root canal therapy is one of the most common procedures.

Modern endodontics practices use specific techniques to treat the canal system such as devices measuring the depth of the root canal and in some root canal procedure for the obturation is employed gutta-percha – a natural material prepared from latex with the difference that in normal conditions gutta-percha is a non-elastic material.

Endodontists recommend root canal therapy in such cases:
Severe tooth decay
Pulp necrosis
Tooth fracture or dislocation
Indications for prosthetic treatment – before crowns, bridges and implants

Dental prosthesis

Techniques and practices used for oral reconstruction. We offer very comfortable and aesthetic devices such as porcelain crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, removable partial dentures, flexible partials, complete dentures with aesthetic porcelain teeth looking like natural teeth.

Preventive dentistry

Preventing tooth decay and treatment of existing dental cavities.

 Cosmetic dentistry

 Replacing unsightly fillings, stained teeth treatment – teeth whitening, treatment of interdental space, teeth alignment, veneers, porcelain crowns or bridges after teeth cleaning like scaling, paste, sandblasting.